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Odyssey Sports 2011

All Rosters are tentative.  Names are not in any particular order.  Please accept your position by email: and by sending your registration packet with deposit as soon as possible.  Positions not accepted within 10 days  will be filled at the discretion of the Odyssey Sports Staff.



Hanna Evanchak                                      Kayla Smith

Valerie Pascoe                                           Kate Snyder

Hannah Cubarney                                        Lindsay Rowe

Kayge Thomson                                         Kristina Lewis

Dallas Washington                                      Haylee Hitchan                                                                               



          Julia Lanke                                              Caitlyn McDade

          Magen Caputo                                         Miranda Nawoczynski

          Sydney Black                                           Nicole Benvenuto

          Brittany Full                                              Brittany Tomasic

          Alex Clark





Erin Kennedy                                  Allison Briley

Kayla Albert                                   Stephanie Angelini

Danielle Cariotto                             Morgan Ceschini

Meghan Heckman                           Holly Yurek






Katie Lesnick                                      Kim Miller

Alyssa Baker                                       Marilyn McCann 

Daivonna Ham                                     Ayanna Johnson-Spencer

Kelsey Koch                                       Marlee Pyzewski




*rosters are subject to change as deemed necessary by staff.


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