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Odyssey Sports Junior Olympic Volleyball

20010-2011 Registration Information and Policies

Registration:  Each player and their parent/guardian must read, complete and sign the registration and policy forms.  Additional registration and policy forms can be obtained at our website, listed below, or by contacting Kristen Stackiewicz at 724-387-3039.  

Registration forms and a non-refundable deposit of $250.00 must be received by November 22, 2010 to secure your roster spot.  A $50.00 discount will be applied to registrations received by November 13, 2010 (14&U) and Nov. 21, 2010 (15&Up).  2nd payment is due no later than January 5, 2011.  3rd payment is due no later than February 5, 2011. Final payment is due no later than March 5, 2011. 

_____(initial) All fees are nonrefundable.  No refunds will be given. If a player is unwilling or unable to finish the 2011 season for any reason, including injury, all fees will be forfeited and all monies due will remain payable to Odyssey Sports.  Legal means will be utilized to obtain fees if necessary.  There will be a $20.00 returned check fee.

Fundraising:  Available by contacting Beverly at or by calling 724-325-4153.

Odyssey Sports Junior Olympic Volleyball Player Policies

1.  All OVR, KRVA, USA Volleyball and Odyssey Sports Policies, Rules and Staff must be respected.

2.  The Odyssey Sports staff determines team placements and playing time for tournaments. 

3.  Player and/or parent signature on the Odyssey Sports Registration form is a formal commitment to the Odyssey Sports organization for the 2010-2011 season.

4.  The preseason workout is strongly recommended so that team placement can be determined A.S.A.P.

5.  Players may be respectfully termed practice players.  Practice players will be trained vigorously for future placement on an Odyssey Sports J.O. volleyball team.  Practice players are eligible for a reduced fee of $175.00, which includes coaching fees, gym time, and a sweatshirt.  Practice players are not eligible to play in tournaments.   

6.  All tournaments are mandatory.  Any player missing two tournaments will forfeit her roster position, fees paid and all fees will remain due to Odyssey Sports.

7.  Practices are mandatory.  Any player without a verbal excuse to her coach 6 hours prior to a practice will not be eligible to start in the next tournament.  Any player who misses 3 or more practices will be suspended for the next tournament.  Volleyball is a team sport and we expect players to respect teammates by attending practices.

8.  It is the responsibility of each and every coach and player to remain at the tournament until our obligation as a team is met.  Leaving a tournament early will result in the following consequences:  1st offense-player will not start in the next tournament.  2nd offense-player will not play in the next tournament.  3rd offense-player may be excused from her roster spot and forfeit all fees paid.

9.  No player will be allowed to play in the Northeast Qualifier tournament until all of her fees are paid.

I have read and I understand the above policies. I have initialed the NO REFUND/ALL FEES DUE police above.


Parent Signature                                                   Player Signature                                                   Date


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